How It Works

LoanBuddy takes the 100+ student loan repayment and forgiveness options and makes them easier to figure out with personalized guidance and helpful tools. Here’s what you can expect.

How we do it?

Get Help in 6 Easy Steps

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    Step 1. Tell us about yourself

    We get to know you. We want to know your personal information, employment information, and family situation. All of this information is critical to finding out what repayment and forgiveness plans you may qualify for.

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    Step 2. Tell us about your loans

    We get to know your loans. You can either upload your loan information or input it manually. Don’t worry, we walk you through the process.

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    Step 3. Our technology helps you save

    Based on your information and your loans, we will show you the lowest monthly payment and what plan is available to you. We also show you student loan refinancing offers that may make sense. With that information, you can go out and do it yourself, or you can upgrade to LoanBuddy Plus and let us help you do the work.

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    Step 4. Upgrade to LoanBuddy Plus, and...

    With LoanBuddy Plus, we will create your student loan repayment and loan forgiveness applications, and give you instructions on how to finish the process. You just need to print, sign, and submit.

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    Step 5. See how your life changes your student loan options

    Beyond the paperwork, we help you assess all your student loan options with our custom dashboard and calculator. Getting married? Having a baby? See how your student loan repayment may change. You can also track your PSLF eligibility and more.

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    Step 6. We’re here for you for the life of your loans

    With LoanBuddy Lifetime, you get access to your dashboard for the life of your loans. Plus, we’ll remind you and prepare your annual certification paperwork at no additional cost.