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Get To Know LoanBuddy

LoanBuddy is an online tool that will help you understand your loan repayment options. We help you see a full picture of your debt, and recommend smart repayment and forgiveness options so that you save time and gain peace of mind.

When you start the process with LoanBuddy, we ask you for all the information we need to help determine the lowest cost repayment plan for you. For our premium subscribers, you’ll also get access to our dashboard that can given you multiple loan scenarios, track your Public Service Loan Forgiveness eligibility, and more.

LoanBuddy is a freemium product. We’ll tell you the lowest cost repayment plan option for you (based on the information you tell us) for free. That’s right! FREE. If you want, you can take that knowledge and go change your repayment plan with your loan servicer yourself. We’re big on DIY, and we know that some people are as well.

But, if you want more assistance, we offer two premium plans: LoanBuddy Plus and LoanBuddy Lifetime. You can learn about our pricing plans here.

No. We are not associated with the Department of Education or your loan servicer. We don’t work with them, speak to them on your behalf, or do anything with your loans. Only you can do that.

Our goal is to empower you with the tools and services so that you can conquer your debt. Our tool will help you navigate the complex world of student loans, and show you the paperwork you need to get on the best repayment program for you.

We take your personal information seriously, including giving you the ability to control what happens with your information. While we don't want to see you go, we understand you want to have a say.

To cancel your account and delete your personal information, simply "Sign In", select "My Account", and at the bottom of the page, there is a "Delete Account" option.

Getting Started?

We do ask personal information from you - and we need that to help calculate the best repayment plan for you, and to also help create the paperwork you need to send to your loan servicer.

We need your name, address, phone number, Social Security number, loan information, and income information. We may also need information about your family.

All information is kept secure with bank level encryption technology.

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